Seltzer Studio offers small chamber music classes, recitals, and competition opportunities for students of all levels and abilities.

Why add Chamber Music?

Chamber Music:

  • Exposes students to a wide variety of literature
  • Motivates students who have become bored with solo only repertoire
  • Advances performance skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Develops ensemble skills including group intonation and following or leading other musicians
  • Provides new concert performance opportunities
  • Cultivates sight reading skills in a supportive environment


-Interested students are grouped with others of similar level into string duos, trios, and quartets.

-Students meet for 16 weekend classes, about 2x a month, from September through April.

-Chamber Repertoire coached includes (but is not limited to) Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Vivaldi, Beethoven, Pleyel, Mazas, Wohlfahrt.

-Groups perform at FFMC Festival, usually around the beginning of February each year.

-Groups preform at a Chamber Music Recital in the Spring.

-Qualifying Groups compete at FFMC Jr. Conventions (State Competition) in Ocala the first weekend of May

-Chamber music fee includes, 16 professionally coached classes (ranging from 30-60minutes each), recital fee for the spring ensemble recital, all required music,   FFMC festival fees for the ensemble, gold cup fees for the ensemble and a FFMC Jr. convention (State Competition) entrance fee per student.

-Open to all area Violin, Viola, and Cello students.

Tuition per student  is  $400 (16 coachings through April, plus all fees)

Tuition is paid by the semester, $200 in September, and $200 in January

10% Discounted Tuition if you pay fully in September ($360)

(If the ensemble does not meet the requirements for FFMC  Jr. Convention/State Competition a refund of $30 per student will be given in March 2019. The $30 refund will also be given if the student already paid a Jr. Convention fee to another teacher for the current year competition)

Music will be provided, (for students and FFMC judges)  but you must bring a pencil, and your instrument to rehearsals. If your duet requires a piano accompaniment, families will have to hire an accompanist out separately. (This usually only occurs when performing advanced double concertos.)

Don’t wait to call to register or for any other questions.

(352) 222-0916 or email

Ms. Julia Seltzer

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