This Studio wide challenge runs from May 15th, 2017 until May 7th, 2018.


All students who participate in the challenge will receive a Participation Award.

The entire Studio will work together to earn the Grand Prize: a Popsicle Party at the park! In order to earn this Grand Prize, students will work together to cumulatively complete 10,000 hours of listening! (if all students participate, this will total an average of approximately 6 hours of listening per week, per student.)

For every hour that our studio logs listening, I will donate $.01 to Joey’s Wings Foundation. (that’s $100 if we meet our goal!) Joey’s Wings is a non-profit foundation funding pediatric kidney cancer research and advocacy and assistance to families who are going through treatment. There will also be a donation box placed in the studio for anyone who would like to contribute as well.


Students should record on the attached Listening log the number of minutes they listen to professional recordings of music involving their own instrument each week.

Please bring your practice log to your lesson each week so I can record your weekly times to add to the big thermometer in the entry way.

All students are strongly encouraged to participate, since even smaller amounts of listening will help the group as a whole reach our goal!

Listening Ideas:

Current Suzuki CD:

Actively listen to your current piece every time you practice. This means following along in the music, fingering along on your instrument, singing along, or bowing in the air with the music.

Passively listen to the entire Suzuki CD at least once everyday. This includes background listening while you clean your room, get ready for bed, go to/from school, run errands in the car, etc.

Advanced Suzuki CDs:

It can be helpful and motivating to listen to Suzuki DC’s beyond your level. If you’re in book 1 , listen to book 4, or if you’re in book 4 listen to book 7!

Supplemental Listening:

Find other recordings of the pieces you are working on to listen to both actively and passively. Most professional musicians listen to 3-5 high quality recordings of solo repertoire they are studying to get different ideas about style, and musical interpretation. It is helpful to listen to other artists and their varied performances. Just make sure the recordings you choose are of professional quality, ask me if you aren’t sure.

Some great places to start are itunes, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, or the local radio stations WUFT Classic (HD radio 89.1 or 2 and 102.7 FM)

Other Genres:

Any professional recordings of any style of music involving your own instrument counts. Explore classical music by listening to famous violin or viola concertos, sonatas, and unaccompanied works as well as orchestral, chamber, and opera music. Listen to alternative styles featuring your instrument such as crossover groups (Time for Three, 2 Cellos, Igudesman and Joo, The Piano Guys, the Black Violin) jazz (turtle island) rock, blues, Irish fiddling, bluegrass, country, etc.

Live Performances:

Please make the effort to enjoy some live professional concerts this year! We are so fortunate to live in a community with a wealth of live performances. From ACYO, to live professional Jazz groups to University concerts to touring groups there are plenty of options for concerts, free and otherwise.

Other Rules:

Your lessons, and group classes do not count as part of this challenge unless I actively direct you to listen during a class.