100 Day Practice Challenge


I am so excited to begin this year’s studio wide 100 day Mario Bros. Themed practice challenge on September 1st 2018!

Awards and the special 100 day T-shirt will be announced and handed out at the Solo Recital April 15th 2019

The Rules:

  1. Students must practice 100 days in a row.
  2. If a student misses a day, they loose 1 of their 5
    “Mario life hearts”
  3. If a student misses practice and has already lost all their “life hearts”, they must go back to day 1 to start counting over.
  4. If a students is too sick to practice, they may listen to their Suzuki CD 2x in one day in place of practicing.
  5. If a student is traveling (over a school break) without their instrument, they may either listen to the CD 2x every day or write a 1 page, 5 paragraph, report on any composer they choose during each week of missed practice.
  6. Lessons count as practice.
  7. Group lessons count as practice.
  8. Performing counts as practice.
  9. Playing your instrument in school ensembles counts as practice.
  10. Orchestra rehearsal counts as practice.
  11. Sight reading chamber music with your friends counts as practice.
  12. Chamber music lessons count as practice.
  13. Practice need not be for a specific length of time, this challenge is about building a habit!
  14. Students, with the help from their parents , will keep track of the days practiced and let me know where they are at lessons. You may use a 100x sheet from the studio.
  15. Students able to practice 100 days (or more!) in a row will receive a t-shirt and award at the Spring solo recital.