Music has the power to communicate your true feelings better than words. I teach violin to tap into the power of your soul’s expression.

Music education isn’t just math and language, it’s emotion, it’s expression. It’s a soulful exercise in awareness.

Music education isn’t just the development of talent, it’s  the nurturing of an entire human,  and their character development. It is growing a human with a beautiful heart. For me, music is an essential part of life, listening, playing, singing along in the shower…It is a unique way to experience and express emotion. I teach so that my students can enjoy all the facets of music and the deep expression and soothing of the soul that goes along with it.

While I am Suzuki certified, my teaching style incorporates every beneficial technique I have learned thus far, from traditional Galamian and Sevcik studies to Alexander technique posturing, to emotional and anxiety coaching for instances of stressful performances. My studio encompasses the whole student. Not just the mechanics of playing an instrument, but the emotional, and physical awareness, and how to create music in groups, where it’s possible to elevate music to an even higher experience. My curiosity inspires me to be a perpetual student. I am constantly searching out new ideas and studies to learn and then integrate into my teaching. Music and pedagogy shouldn’t be stuck in the past, it is ever changing and experimenting and so is my teaching.

I’m Julia Seltzer, violist, violinist, teacher, and active local musician in Gainesville  Florida. I welcome violin and viola students of all ages and abilities to my private music studio. I use both tradional and Suzuki methods for a personalized approach to helping my students experience the wonders of music making. Check out our Facebook page too!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or set up a formal lesson time or meeting. Call  352.222.0916 or email