Thanks for stopping in and being curious. Poke around, this website is a work in progress as I figure out how to use wordpress. It will be quite messy and confusing at times, (ha! like being human) please know I’m trying to improve it. Currently, my music studio accepting virtual lesson students only.   I teach virtually using Zoom, Skype or Facetime. Feel free to email me any questions, at

I am an inquisitive human being who is constantly chasing interesting ideas, and practices that deal mostly with the study of music and the human condition, philosophy and psychology. I enjoy creating music with other local musicians including Scuttered the Bruce, and Nellie Tsacrios Studio Cellist.  I run a successful Suzuki-style private violin/viola studio in Gainesville, Florida.

Welcome to my blog, website, whateverthisthingis… I look forward to hearing from you!