2018-2019 Seltzer Music Studio Policies

Student and Family Responsibilities:

Students and parents agree to arrive at each lesson on time, well prepared, with their assignment books and music.

All students are required to play at the annual solo recital in the Spring, and are highly encouraged to perform at the group recital in the Winter. In addition to their private lessons, each student is also encouraged to attend monthly group lessons and participate in non-competitive FFMC festival in February.

Students must have a violin to use at home EVERYDAY for practice.

Practice logs for the 100 day challenge will be given every week and need to be signed and returned at each lesson.

Non-practicing students will be given a one month warning before being dismissed from the studio. This studio is a high demand Suzuki style studio. I expect my students to make music a priority above their other extracurricular activities. It’s not fair to potential students on the waiting list from 6 months-2 years willing to practice and learn, while non-practicing students hold lesson times.

Listen to the Suzuki Cd that came with your book in full once a day, plus extra listening of the current piece you are learning. The more you listen, the faster you memorize. Listening “downloads the correct version of your pieces into your memory. (In the very least you should be listening to a professional recording MORE than you listen to yourself practice)

No criticism of playing, asking what piece someone is working on or saying one violinist/violist is better or worse than another. This goes for all violinists/violists, parents, siblings, guests and spouses attending group, lessons and performances. Always feel free to congratulate something you see a violinist/violist (or parent) doing well in our studio! Every single violinist/violist in our studio has strengths beyond the level they are playing.

Never leave your instrument in a car, especially in a hot car in Florida!! It will damage you instrument. Treat your instrument like an infant, bring it into the grocery store with you, or the restaurant etc.

Parental Responsibility:

In order to fully nurture your child’s musical development, parents agree to

      1. obtain a properly sized instrument
      2. purchase appropriate music books and recordings
      3. supervise your child’s daily practice and listening
      4. attend all lessons, taking notes and asking for clarification when necessary.
      5. Familiarize yourself with the Suzuki philosophy, I have books for borrowing.

Parents are to sit behind the student as to not distract the musician. I know it’s hard not to interject when you want to correct your child during a lesson, but please try and hold your tongue or else the student’s attention is instantly divided as soon as you speak. Sit quietly and take notes, unless a question is specifically directed toward you or you are asked to help out. Write down your questions to ask at the end of the lesson, while your child is packing up.

Payment and missed lesson policies:

All lessons must be paid for at the first lesson of the month.

If a check is returned by the bank, the parents of the student, or the adult student will be charged the bank fee.

If lessons are terminated before the end of the month, payment will not be reimbursed.

If payment is not received within 30 days of the first lesson of the month, the regularly scheduled lesson times will be forfeited and assigned to the next student on the waiting list.

Fees may be paid by check, cash, or Paypal. All checks should be made out to Julia Seltzer.

The tuition fees remain the same from month to month regardless of the number of lessons or activities.

If you must miss a lesson please kindly give at least 24 hours notice so we can schedule a make up, if you don’t give me this notice you will forfeit your make up lesson.

There will be no make ups for performance or group classes, as usual, when I need to miss a lesson I will make it up ASAP, hopefully during the same month.

If a student arrives late for a lesson, they will receive instruction for the remainder of the scheduled lesson only, out of respect to those whose lessons follow.

Please do not bring sick children to lessons or arrive ill yourself. If a student is too ill for school, they are too ill for their music lesson. A make up lesson for sickness does not require the 24 hour notice.

Lesson Termination and Dismissal:

If you elect to end lessons before the end of the month, you will not receive a tuition refund. One of the ways we teach respect, responsibility and follow-through is to teach our children how to end well. Please keep this in mind should you elect to end your lessons.

A student may be dismissed under the following exceptional circumstances:

  • Failure to pay tuition (without making alternate arrangements)
  • Lack of progress due to persistent insufficient practice or repeated failure to prepare assigned material.
  • An uncooperative attitude and/or pattern of disruptive, disrespectful or violent behavior.

No student will be dismissed without multiple warnings, a 1 month probationary period and parental involvement.

Open Doors:

Exposure to good music, and to the sight and sound of the instruments the children are studying is an important part of a child’s music education. Students are encouraged to arrive early or stay late to quietly visit other lessons or classes.

In the Studio Group lesson Calendar you will find a listing of concerts and musical activities in the Gainesville area suitable for families and children of all ages.